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  • Sense of proportion in analyzing problem is  important.
  • Learn to put your problem into perspective.
  • People who have nerves breakdowns are behaviourally ill, emotionally ill & mentally ill, Nerve fibres, Brain tissues , glands.
  • Cleaver people have very cleaver breakdowns, prugs  an aid to treatment, not a treatment in themselves



  1. Begins with the problem you had but coped with: but can’t cope the same way therefore “can cope – can’t cope” pattern.
  2. Dramatic breakdown in communication with other people. Because you can’t understand yourself, therefore others do not understand you.
  3. Failure of international communication, therefore you are not responsible for your acts.
  4. Suddenly you stop becoming an ordinary person, therefore needing expert care.  :. Acute stage/ Cry for help stage.


5. Communication with self need to be recovered. To trust himself first: to have international communication/ restore faith on the person and allow to express feelings safely, time heals more patients then do psychiatrits.

  1. External communication needs to be restored.
  2. Cope- can’t cope – should cope because they want to live & to get well.

Identify the Enemy : The Enemy is Unhappiness;
Nothing: Not- Doing (something) = Consumes energy/response to anger and fear/not doing anything about the threat = Double demand for threat: threat not acted upon.
Nothing = Investing in not Living.
Looping : Vicious sircle of nothing.
Looping together : Index loopers compliment and compensiate one another( relationship of mother in law and daughter in law).
The period of deliberate worry seems to burn away the worry. Hence concentration of worry is better than general worry.

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