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the interest of whole will always have to take precedence over individual interest !!!
A truely human is who enthusiastically, unconditionally, loyally and actively works for the cause of the party, the people and the collective.
He wants not to show off or for awards and frame, not for any selfish desire but whole-heartedly for the happiness and interests of the people. Therefore he is always buried in hard work for the benifit of the party and people , never giving a thought to his own distinction, status, reputation or salary. He does not even entertain such thoughts in his mind. He considers nothing more than how save the people better.

Why humility ???

  1. Although he plays a part in the achievements of knowledge, the part the masses play is far greater without the help and support of the masses, he would not be able to have knowledge nor would his be successful.
  2.  His work is only a tiny drop in the ocean of revolutionary knowledge. No horn for complacency, for becoming stagnent.
  3. He a collectivest, he should respect each other’s work and each other’s achievements. He must feel that he cannot bear to be left all of the collective and that he passionately loves his collegues.
  4. . Scope of individual view is narrow and limited , whereas the scope of revolutionary work and knowledge is broad and their contents extremely rich and complex. Since he is a collectivist he would demand of himself a deeper and wider to detect his own faults and mistakes in time and to correct them quickly.

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