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  MY ‘+’  POINT:

  1. I am generally genuine. I am usually warm. I have mostly good smile. I am not lazy.
  2. I am willing to learn. In general i am sociable. I am positivist:
  3. I have positive self- regard: I encourage myself.
  4. I keep track of my body and body language and i keep reviewing myself.
  5. I am genarally supportive and encouraging.
  6. I am more activist, result oriented, more practical.
  7. I am a lovable person, I generally like people
  8. I am an energetic person.
  9. I am very considerate

MY “-”  POINT: 

  1. I am reactive. That is my weakest point.
  2. I am not poor friendly yet.
  3. I am not focused.
  4. I am always in hurry.
  5. I am not relaxed.
  6. I do many things at a time.
  7. I do not prioratise.
  8. I generally do not finish what i have started.
  9. At one time i think too many things.
  10. I am a pragmatist; a short term minded; a petty bourgeois tendency
  11. I am less political, theorist and i don’t read enough.
  12. I can’t work for long.
  13. I am more social than political minded.
  14. I am more health conscious than mind conscious.
  15. I have this tendency to grab more than i use. I am quite a miser
  16. I am less serious, less dignified.
  17. I tend to be more general than specific.
  18. In general i am suspicious.
  19. I tend to be jack of all trade, master of non.
  20. I tend to believe too fast and get infleinced too fast.
  21. I first go to action before i think.


  1. My general contradictio is being a  woman.
  2. My specific contradiction is being wife of BRB.
  3. My general contradiction: pragmatism
  4. My specific contradiction: not being political
  5. My general contradiction: always in hurry.
  6. My specific contradiction: not recollecting .
  7. My general contradiction is being too general
  8. My specific contradiction is i donot respect my own protocol.
  9. my contrdiction is i am at times very considerate but at times very miser

Generally i have to be a good communist, specially i have to be a good communist feminist.

My area of improvement: tenacity, patience and again patience.


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