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A  PLEASING  PERSONALITY: = Personal attitude + behaviour.

  • – Positive self- regard is infectious, it influences others to think positively.
  • – Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  • – Ask question that other people enjoy to answer.
  • – Attentative listener.
  • – Let others criticise & advise you.
  • – Learn to tolerate others weaknesses.
  • – People loved you because of their weaknesses not because of their strengths.
  • -People need each other to wake up for what they look learn to tolerate of other peoples weaknesses……sri sri Ravishankar.
  • – Appreciate others.
  • – Listen to people.
  • –  Don’t expect  too much from people.
  • – Don’t be too ready to help unless asked.
  • – Avoid those people you have poor opinion inorder to avoid temptation to give negative comment.
  • – Try to draw out best from worst people.
  • – People are not difficult but just different.
  • – Never hate your enemies, it clouds your judgement.
  • – The best argument is that which seems merely an explanation.
  • – No problem can ever be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.
  • – People long for what is scarce.
  • – Deal with different people differently.


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