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Statement of problem.

  • If you can laugh at it , you can live with it.       -Erma Bomberk
  • – Put your problem in proper perspective.
  • – It is not the problem it is how you solve it that ultimately matters.
  • – Never let a problem be an excuse.
  • – Every problem has a peak point but it has to descend, at the end of each such cycle one must emerge out stronger.
  • – Remember every problem has a limited life span.
  • – Remember every problem will change you.
  • – You can choose what your problem will do to you.
  • – Problems and solutions are the two sides of one same coin.
  • – Every problem holds positive possibilities.
  • – There is positive and negative side of every problem.
  • – Remember problems interms of contradiction.
  •  – Not all problems are same.
  • – Transform your problems into an objective.
  • – problem (trouble) makes a person bigger or smaller.Trouble can  humanise a     man.
  • – In a day , when you don’t come across any problems you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path.
  • Prioratigev: what is primary and what is secondary.
  • – Make list of must and want and luxury.
  • – Which one to do yourself  which one to delegate.
  • – Do one thing at a time and  complete the work started.
  • – Effective people are not problem minded but opportuinity minded.
  • – Separate people from the problm. Agreement is often based on disagreement
  • – Never yield to pressure , only to principle.
  • – Don’t attack their position , look behind it.
  • – Don’t defend your ideas, invite criticism and advice.
  • – Recent an attack on you as an attack on the problem.
  • – Ask questions and pause: questions do not criticise , they educate.
  • – Do not let someone treat your doubts as a personal attack. Verify facts.
  • – It is easier to defend principle than an illegitimate

Hatred seems to be its own punishment.

Evil exists in the part : good exists in whole.

  • – A peniclicing person only relieves his terror. A fall into a pit, a gain is your wit
  • – If you beccome more it does not make me len. We should take pleasure in what   Others are able to do . We should not feel diminished.
  • – If you compare yourself with others you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and tesser persons then yourself.
  • – He who excuses himself accuses himself. Lucky are those who work for it.
  • – And by making an effort to cheer ourselves up, we make ourselves more attractive to others, whose favourable responses will further lift our mood.
  • – Whenever someone oriticuses you, first of all seek the answer within yourself.
  • – Ask yourself, what is the worst that can possibly happen? Prepare to accept it if you have to then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.
  • – Be aware of negative pattern in your thinking.
  • – Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  Negative thoughts can spiral.
  • – Children, like every other kind of people need to fail in order to learn.
  • – Accept that life is not fair.
  • – I keep six honest service man: their names are, What, Why, when, how, where & Who.
  • – Get the facts, Analise the facts,arive at a decision Act at that decision.
  • – Confusion is the chief cause of worry.
  • – Read history is see how trivial your troubles are.
  • – Fear  is danger while it is still to come, One you are face to face with danger, strike hard with no hesitation.
  • – The only fear is the fear itself: people are disturbed not by event but by their OPINION of the things.     Fear the fearsome.
  • – The best and most effective ways to overcome the inferiority complex is to attempt the very thing you are fritened to do.
  • – I am sensitive yet sensible.
  • – Learn to differentiate between “getting angry and acting on it.”
  • – Use your muscles more and your brain less when you are worried.
  • – Be a better parent to yourself than your real parents were to yourself.
  • – do not worry fret and complain ; get up and keep going.
  • – Enjoy life process , not just likes  rewards.
  • – The darkest hour is that before the down.
  • – The test of real is that it is hard and tough. Make adversity your friend.
  • – the wise man in the strom prays to god, not for safety from dangers, but deliverance from fear.

Ralph w emerson

  • – Altimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom

   Marilyn ferguson.
– Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear –

mark twaind

  • – Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understand   – Marie Curie.
  • – Never Ever Build a Case Against Yourself:   I wont criticise myself; more than enough are already doing that. When things look bad remember the word BUT.
  • – When we level anyone ‘bad’ we will have more trouble dealing with him.
  • – Emotion: recognise & understand your and others emotion + make it explicit & legitimige it + left off the steam + Don’t react to emotional outbussts + use symbolic gestures.
  • – First Accept Your Emotions: Conserve your energy – Purposely release your emotional energy as resolve.
  • – We must learn to respect anger as we as we do electrically.harness and channel your anger to electricity.



  • . To challenge frustrating situation.
  • -Identify areas of concern.
  • .  Identify you can influence.
  • .  Become a transition person be hueen past & future/ negative & positive pattern.
  • .  Speak when you are angry, & you will make the best speech you will ever regret.
  • .  Avoid unhealthy ‘YES’ undermining ones deep interests.
  • .  No is todays biggest challenge.
  • .  A ‘NO’ uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a ‘YES’ merely uttered to please , or what is worse , to avoid



  1. Get your priorities right 2. Do the most important thing first
  2. Don’t rush solving all problems at once.4. Deal with problem once at a time.
  3. Keep a stress diary. 6. Don’t set out to bring dramatical change in yourself.
  4. The aim is to make small & important modification.
  5. Programme leisure time. 9. Learn to delegate when getting up in the morning leave some time to potter.
  6. Take short pauses and rest in between
  7. Be tidy & orderly to avoide sense of urgency.
  8. Take clear lunch breaks, don’t mix work with lunch.
  9. Programme sometime to yourself in a week.
  10. Learn to say ‘NO’  15. Set appropriate time schedule: don’t rush around frantically. 16. Set realistic life goals. 17. Make sure you are doing yours best where it really matters. 18. Don’t take “have to” for granted.
  11. Put your life into perspective whenever you find time.
  12. Don’t play brinkmanship with deadlines.
  13. Curb aggression: play it low key ; allow mistakes to be corrected.


Worry = Anger + Fear.     Unsolved problem from the part causes breakdown.

  • – Insecurity leads to over consumption.
  • – Ask yourself what is the worst that can possibly happen?
  • – Prepare to accept it if you have to .
  • – Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.
  • – Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  • – Set the facts, analyse the facts, strive at a decision. Act at that decision.
  • – Confusion is the chief cause of worry.
  • – What is the problem? What is the cause of the problem? What are the possible solutions to the problem? What solution do you suggest?
  • – Read history to see how trivial your troubles are.
  • – Use your muscles more and brain less: concentrate more on doing part than the feeling part.
  • – Accept that life is full of contradiction and that it is the contradiction that moves ahead the world.
  • – Accept your enxiety & put it to use.

If the grass is greener in the other follows yard, let him wrong about cutting it.

  • – You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.
  • – Most problems well organised & defined are already partially solved.
  • – Problem solving is a lifetimes work. Make it as obvious as possible.
  • – Have a session of deliberate worry to overcome general worry.
  • – Habits which are hardest to give up are habits which were learned the  hardest way.
  • – Any change in your behaviour has to be accomplished by you alone.
  • – Our nervous system is so developed that we can supress our feelings, anger fear !!
  • – You have the right to change, and to grow and to fail.
  • – You have the right to be alone.
  •  – You have the right to please yourself, and the right to exercise this right anyway you choose.
  • – You have the right to be the first in a long live of success full human beings, and the right to be the last in a long live of sacred & angry failure.
  • – When we address our problems, we refuse to be shamed by our imperfections and make it safe to admit personal limitations. When we reach out to others we model that strong people seek support & guidance.



  • – Unless one is depressed, one is already motivated to succed.
  • – Depression feeds on inertia . Action is its enemy.
  • – Distress comes from hating your work  EUSTRESS comes from the positive tension for meaningful goal  Eustress braces the immune system therefore  right kind of stress. It will  strengthen us and enlarge our capacity = stress management.



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