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  • – The last kilometer is extremely difficult: the key to success.
  • -Positive thinking is a great.
  • -He/she took the troble a matterof true?? Ask a failure!!
  • – Have an attitude & beat it.
  • – Choose the desire: When will & imagination are in conflict it is the imagination that wins. Do it, do it now.
  • – They think in pattern of winning.
  • – They can loose with grace. A successful person is not satisfies with a lot of busy work: they do not do too many things.
  • – They see things in totality. They are simple minded.
  • – they live one day at a time. Dignified spontaniely in creating undignified spontaniety is vulgar.
  • – Definition of a winner: they the trouble.
  • – They keep rekindling their dream,they encourage it.
  • – Their success is motivated by need of achievement rather than fear of failure
  • – They strengthen their strong points, and weaken their weak points.
  • – They know more than others what they don’t know they acknowledge them. They are always in pursuit of knowledge.
  • – They are ever willing to learn.
  • – An aim magnifies your personality, because there is organisation from within.
  • – Learn to compliment oneself: the glow stays on.
  • – Rather than fear their fellows, they interest themselves in them.
  • – They know their own weakness & strength.
  • – They know their enemies, strength & weakness.
  • – They have a maturity to uphold judgement untill all the facts are known.
  • – They don’t fear for their future: they even face their death unafraid.
  • – They are prepared to work for distant object things which may not materialise for years.
  • – They study the present in the light of the past for the purpose of the future.
  • – Their strength comes from not only in winning the game but from trying to win the game.
  • – For them challange is not a signal for dispair but a signal for more information and better thinking.
  • – They see an oppertuinity in every calamity whereas pessimists see calamity in every opportuinity.
  • – They glow with their own compliments & do not wait for others to compliment them.
  • – They are not problem minded, they are opportuinity minded.
  • – Psychologiclly healthy people indicate that they are as a defining character attracted to the mysteriousness, to the unknown, to the chaoites , unorganised and unexplored.
  • – They are driven by values not by impulses.

Positive self image: they are able to accept whole range of feelings within themselves and others, without the compulsion to act on every feelings.

  • Expect your enxiety and put it to use. Resist any sign of pity.
  • Set up a dead line. Don’t do two things at a time.
  • Do things in order of their importance.
  • When you face a problem, solve it then & there if you have the facts necessary to make a decision don’t keep putting off decision.
  • Learn to depulise, organise & surprise.
  • Make up a schedule for tomorrow’s work before you go to bed tonight.
  • Take frequent rests, rest before you get tired.
  • Genious is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.
  • Perfection comists not in doing extraordinary things well but doing things extraordinarily well.
  • Success must be continuously practiced or it will take wings & fly away.
  • Skill is an ability while competence is ability alongwith attitude.
  • Success is going through failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.
  • Intelligence is more a nurtured than a natural quality.
  • sense of destiny = sense of expectancy = initiative = expect to win = half the battle.
  • Winning doesn’t always mean being first: winning means you are doing better than you have done before.
  • Know more than others : work more than others : expect more than others.
  • When restraint & courtsy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible.
  • Do not compare yourself with others, compare yourself from your past.
  • Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things well but doing ordinary things extra well.


  • – They don’t get threatened by others success. Armour of difference.
  • – They have positive self- regards for themselves.
  • – They have a sense of direction, they know where they are going.
  • – They have pride of performance. They have an armour of indifference.
  • – They keep rekinding their dream.
  • – They never expects to loose, but when they do they know they gave their best effort.
  • – They make their own conscious choice.
  • – They know it is pordunable to aim high & miss: it is not pordonable to aim low.
  • – They make mistakes all right, but can correct them almost automatically. They acknowledge their mistakes & apolosise for them.
  • – They have this hunger to go beyond the ordinary.
  • – He who has a “WHY” to live can bear with almost any”HOW”.
  • – One has to be worthy of one’s suffering. That is why man is ever ready to suffer on the condition to be sure that this suffering has a meaning.
  • – He/ she strategically firm, tactically flexible.
  • – A place to the top is to walk up, not a walk over.
  • – Achievements with remembering are stained with blood & dilligence and etched with the scars of disappointment.
  • – The main difference between the wise man & a fool is that a fool’s mistakes never teach him anything. While the wise man would never let the mistake remain a mistake but correct it into a learning experience instead.
  • – Motivation to hunt for quality is unique to human beings.
  • – Peple with high stamina differ from high – energy type in that their energy output is constant rather than episodic.
  • – Be incharge of yourself. A place for everything & everything in it’s place.
  • – Clutter is a covert form of procastination.
  • Vital + Urgent = Do it right away.
    Vital + Not urgent = Do it at any cost.
    Urgent + Not vital = Delegate.
    Not urgent + Not vital = Do it leisurely
  • Begin well but finish well. Have total control over doing component.
  • Make your work measurable.
  • Effictiveness is setting out to do something & doing it.
  • knowledge without effectiveness can be very dangerous.


  • . Be pro – active. Begi with end in mind. Put first things first. Think win – win.
  • . First seek to understand then to be understood. Synergige. Sharpen the saw.
  • . Plan weekly. Live the habil. Teach to learn: when we listen with the intent to teach; we learn at our deeper level.
  • . If you want small changes, work on your behaviour: if you want quantum cahnges, work on your paradigms.

. Effective : product of my choice.
Result: . Behaviour.
. Increased influence. . Pause & respond based on principles.
. More – self awareness. . Use proactive language.
. Greater initiative. . Expand your circle of influences.
. Becoming creative.

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