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– Leadership is getting people to want to do what needs to be done.

– Leaders pull. Leaders communicates. Leaders are people who do the right thing. The leader innovates. Leaders conquer the context.

The leader is an original. The leader developes. The leader focuses on people.

The leader inspires trust. The leaders has long – range perspective.

The leaders ask what & why. The leader has his eyes on the horizon.

The leader originates. The leader challengs statusquo.

The leader is his own person. The person challenges it.

The leader may not have organization. LEAD= GO + TRAVEL + GUIDE.

A kinetic feel: a sense of movement + quest for new order + venture into unexplored territory, unfamiliar destination.

Leaders are concerned how things get done.

Leaders are concerned with what the things mean to people.

Leadership is about coping with change. More changes always demands more leadership. Transformational leadership.

The test of any leader is not what he or she accomplishes. It is what happens when they leave the scene. It is the succession that is the test, and if it fails it is ‘Deception’ leadership is responsibility, accountability, doing…

It means persuading, creating common vision.

Great leaders get extra ordinary results from ordinary people!!

Leaders are architects. Developing vision & equally important, living it vigorously are essential element of leadership.

Leadership is making happen what wouldn’t happen anyway… (and will) always entail working at the edge of what is acceptable.

Leadership is recognizing past, focusing on the present, and constantly scanning the hirizon for the future.

Mattine ra attine nagarnu.

During good time people will adulate you, during bad times you will be piled with blame yet donot take personally.

At its best leadership is a vocation, a calling.

At the heart of it, leadership is how you make others feel.

To lead is to be all in, transparent and accessible, calm in the face of upset and even crisis, and always mindful that you are a steward of something bigger than yourself.

People are the truely essential element, embracing the purpose, and executing the strategy.

Empower means to delegate not only individual, but a team.

Reward is celeberation, not just compensation.

Leadership is much more art than science.

Leadership starts with self- mastery, To manage yourself first.

Leadership is heavy responsibility that far outweighs privilege.

Leadership is not competing with others but competing wiith yourself.

Leadership is working hard-being first one in and the last one out.

Pessimism and doubt are simply not an option.

It is lonly at the top, but donot makeit isolating.

Leaders cannot play blame game.

The difference between good and great isfocus.

Heroism is episodic: leadership is systematic.

Never react: instead, ask yourself: is this about me if yes forget, if we, then pay attention.

When you are the leader, its never about you, but it starts with you.

Leading others means first leading yourself. Which means you have to constantly monitor yourself- not overestimating your strenghts, not underestimating your weakness.

Look humbly in the mirror. Self-awareness and honesty go hand in hand. The more you can see yourself, the more honest you become.

As a leader provide energy, donot get consumed yourself. Show your members that they are bigger than themselves.

The leaders cannotbe star players, scoring all the points, rather, the leaders must becommited to helping others to do their best.

Leaders will be those who empower others.


People will forget what you said, what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel.

There is  a zone of control and zone of value.

The skill of anticipating is critical to leadership at every level. Hence you must haveananticipating team.

Leadership is chess- think several moves ahead.

You donot need to be smartest but the most intutive one.

Leading means learning.

The unexpected is to be expected-plan on it.

Leadership means rising up.

Its not failure, its called learning.

Learn to distil complexicity into simplicity.

Leaders do not have the luxury of not knowing.

Leaders are builders of confidence.

Be a continuos leader.

The more you streach the more you learn.

Leaders are not expected to be experts in everything, but they must be in the solutions business.

Success breeds confidence, but failure leads to wisdom.

Leadership means to be in peoples business.

Leadership requires followership, leaders should meet people where they are. People vote with their feet.

Leaders must understand the selflessness that leadership demands.

Leadership is to constantly change.


LEADERSHIP:                       . MANAGEMENT

We often learn best by seeing contrasts.

. People.                                       . Things

. Spontaneity, serendipity.   . Structure

. Release, empowerement.    . Control

. Effectiveness.                         . Efficiency

. Programmer.                            . Program

. Investment.                               . Expenses

. Principles.                                 . Techniques

. Transformation.                     . Transaction

. Principle – centric power.    . Utility

. Discernment.                            . Measurement

. Doing the right things.           . Doing things right

. Direction.                                   . Speed

. Top line.                                      . Bottom line

. Purposes.                                  . Methods

. Principles.                                 . Practices

. On the system.                        . In the system

. “is the ladder against             . Climbing the ladder fast.

the right wall?”




PASSIVE.        ASSERTIVE.                AGGRESIVE.

Deffering.         Direct.                               Pushy

Apologetic.       Responsible.                   Arrogant

Vague.                 Honest.                            Offensive

Inhibited.              Clear.                                Domineering

Martyr.                Accepting.                      Manupulative

Self- hating.        Forgiving.                        Vengful

Moaning.              Effective.                         Sarcastic

Helpless.               Risking.                            Blaming

Waiting.                 Spontaneous.                  Bullying

Powerless.            Powerwithin.                   Power over


20%  IQ,   80%. Emotional  Stability.


Emotional Stability:

  • . Controlling rage by not expressing it & not encouraging it.
  • . Contrling impulse by posponing. Self confidence. Positive minded.
  • . Delay  gratification.
  • – Blaming circumstances than yourself.


Emotional Bank Account:

Deposit:                                         Withdrawah.

. Seeks to understand.            . Assumes to understand.

. Shows empathy.                      . Shows disrespective.

. Keeps promise.                        . Breaks promise.

. Set clear expectation.          . Creats unclear expectation.

. Apologize.                                  .  Arrogant.

. Give feedback.                         . No feedback.

. Forgive.                                      . Hold grudges.




  • – Management is getting people to do what needs to be done.
  • – Managers push. Managers command, managers are people who do things right. The manager administers. Managers surrender to it.
  • – The manager is a copy. The manager maintains.
  • – The manager focuses on system and structure.
  • – The manager relies on control. The manager has a short – range view.
  • – The managers ask how & when. The managers has his eyes on the bottom line. The manager imitates. The manager accepts the status quo.
  • – The manager is the classic good soldiers. Manager tightly linked to organization.  MANAGE = HANDLING + MAINTAINING  ORDER.
  • – Managers are concerned about how things get done.
  • – Where managers act to limit choices, leaders work in the opposite direction, to develop fresh approaches to long understanding problems and to open issues for new options…. Leaders create excitement in work.
  • – Management is about coping with complexity. Transactional leadership.
  • – As for separates of management from leadership, that is non- sense as much  non sense as separating management from enterpreneusship hair and flesh/ right and left hand / nose and mouth relationship.
  • – commanding, allocating scarce resources for organization.
  • – Great managers simply get well planned and well executed outcomes.
  • – Managers are builders. Managing to bring vision to reality.



  • – Demagogue: leadership by passion, strong emotions internal collapse + Rhetoric + Demonigation.
  • – Manager: Technical leaders + sectarian outlook. Learn to HUMANISE but DEMONISE others.
  • – Transformational adaptive leadership:  Thinking out of box.
  •      . Beyond linear to lateral  thinking. Ability to lead whole.
  •      . Ability to adopt collaborate approach. Real statesmanship.
  •      . Transform differences into opportuinities.
  • – Leader by authority: no guarantee of leadership.
  • – Leader without authority: ie  leader by activity/ charm inoy be an asset but not ledership.
  • – Imposed leadership is democratically elected leader.
  • – Being in leadership may bring tremendous resources but it also imposes constraint.
  • – Leader by circumstances not by choice.
  • – Leadership means taking smart risks!!


Interdependent tools used by transformational leaders:

  • – Integral vision – Systematic thinking – Presence of mind – Inquiry – Conscious  conversation – Dialogue – Bridging – Innovation.


The art of leadership is not saying ‘ YES’  it’s saying ‘NO’ .

Leadership is not position but choice.

As a result sometimes you have to take unpopular decision to reach rational result.

See things from below as masses do: see things from  above as leaders do.


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