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  • – To concentrate means to concentrate & employ  all one’s power or attention on a task in hand.
  • – Unified, and centralized attention.
  • – A concentrated person may not hit the bull’s eyes, but keeps it in focus.
  • – It is the hall mark of all top achieves.
  • – When you fire your heart on one point then nothing is impossible.
  • – Chek mind wandering. 1. Develop emotional status 2. Practice through control. 3. When the going is good: allow yourself to pat and be happy man.
  • – sleep adequate should not be hyperactive declines after 65.
  • – Interest is the best recipe for concentration interest manifests itself into two ways.
  • – 1. An aim and end in new.  2.  A plan for attaining that end or aim.
  • – Rest if you must – but don’t you quit!!
  • – It’s when things get worse that you mustn’t quit.
  • – Take short naps. Sharpen your memory power.
  • – Exercise concentration: choose a time, place : select a simple object, look at it for a few minutes: close your eyes and visualise it.
  • – I Keep the the subject continually before me & wait till the fruit dawnings open slowly, little by little into fall clear light.
  • – Hard work never killed if i worry, distraction that kills.
  • – Final enemy of concentration in a spirit of defalism.
  • – It is not as much lack of concentration as lack of proper association.

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