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  • – they have positive self-regards and it is infectious.
  • – they have the power to stick to something.
  • – they can restrain.
  • – The last kilometer is extremely difficult: the key to success.
  • -Positive thinking is a great.
  • -He/she took the troble a matterof true?? Ask a failure!!
  • – Have an attitude & beat it.
  • – Choose the desire: When will & imagination are in conflict it is the imagination  that wins.     Do it, do it now.
  • – They think in pattern of winning.
  • – They can loose with grace. A successful person is not satisfies with a lot of busy work: they do not do too many things.
  • – They see things in totality. They are simple minded.
  • – they live one day at a time. Dignified spontaniely in creating undignified spontaniety is vulgar.
  • – Definition of a winner: they the trouble.
  • – They keep rekindling their dream,they encourage it.
  • – Their success is motivated by need of achievement rather than fear of failure
  • – They strengthen their strong points, and weaken their weak points.
  • – They know more than others what they don’t know they acknowledge them. They are always in pursuit of knowledge.
  • – They are ever willing to learn.
  • – An aim magnifies your personality, because there is organisation from  within.
  • – Learn to compliment oneself: the glow stays on.
  • – Rather than fear their fellows, they interest themselves in them.
  • – They know their own weakness & strength.
  • – They know their enemies, strength & weakness.
  • – They have a maturity to uphold judgement untill all the facts are known.
  • – They don’t fear for their future: they even face their death unafraid.
  • – They are prepared to work for distant object things which may not materialise for years.
  • – They study the present in the light of the past for the purpose of the future.
  • – Their strength comes from not only in winning the game but from trying to win the game.
  • – For them challange is not a signal for dispair but a signal for more information and better thinking.
  • – They see an oppertuinity in every calamity whereas pessimists see calamity in every opportuinity.
  • – They glow with their own compliments & do not wait for others to compliment them.
  • – They are not problem minded, they are opportuinity minded.
  • – Psychologiclly healthy people indicate that they are as a defining character attracted to the mysteriousness, to the unknown, to the chaoites , unorganised  and unexplored.
  • – They are driven by values not by impulses.
  • – genuine growth means having the courage and confidence to try new things and in the process to let go of old ones.
  • – they donot have to compete for their own good opinion. If you become more it does not make me less. We should take pleasure in what others are able to do, we donot feel diminished.

If you are successful,you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.

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