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Leader of Naya Shakti Nepal Hisila Yami said the country was going through a phase of debatable state reconstruction as well as local elections which called for meaningful participation of women for setting up the structure of the state as well as local bodies.

Speaking at an interaction on women’s participation organised by Sankalpa today, she said even though the constitution of Nepal has provided rights to women, females were facing many challenges due to lack of implementation of the said provisions.

“Some women do occupy the highest positions in state bodies, but the base remains weak for women and the high positions that some women occupy won’t mean much if the situation of women in the country cannot improve in a sustainable manner.”

She also informed that without the support of the male voice raised against violence against women, torture and violation of their rights as well as in support of women’s participation in every field, the campaign to make male and females equal would not work out.

A leading lawyer as well as leader of Nepali Congress Pushpa Bhusal said that the thinking pattern of Nepali women is society has not changed even though the constitutional provisions ensure the rights of women. “We still have to face more challenges to implement the law throughout the country in favour of women.”

Participating in the interaction, a leading member of the Maoist Party Jayapuri Gharti claimed that females had achieved but they had not received the opportunity. “If they are provided with the opportunity as per their qualification, they can participate in every decision making process.”

She said that more women are still suffering due to trafficking, violence and harassment inside and outside the house. Without changing society’s thinking pattern, no one can change society.

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