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Social self care
Quality friends
Social gathering
Volunteer for a cause that is important to you. (gender)

Mental self care
Practice self compassion and acceptance.
Positive thought often
Choose kindness
Do suduki
Learn something new

Physical self care
Adequate sleep?
Adequate exerecise?
Adequate food?
Adequate heath?

Spiritual self care
Loving nature
Vipassana: : 
◦ Observe im-permanence!
◦ Suffering is part of life
◦ Internalise egolessness

Emotional self care
Talk to a friend you trust
Journal your feelings
Not being judgmental
Set boundaries
Take a break

Recreational self care
Take a walk
Listen to the music

◦ I am spiritual because i know what i am & what i am not.
◦ A good mental exercise is an appointment with yourself!
◦ An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself
◦ Awareness gives lot of freedom.
◦ Attitude determines latitude
◦ Cultivate sense of ownership.
◦ Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
◦ Art of soothing ourselves is a fundamental life skill.
◦ Self knowledge is self mastery.
◦ Self education is the highest form of education.
◦ Accept whole range of feelings and manage them.
◦ Learn the skill of self compassion.
◦ Respect yourself enough to walk away from those who see you worthless.
◦ To know others is intelligence and to kow yourself is enlightenment.
◦ When a person fights with oneself and wins the race, it is the greatest achievement!
◦ If we are brutally honest with ourselves most things we do for others are in fact for OURSELVES!
◦ No one can hurt you without your consent.
◦ Ultimately people will judge you by your work.
◦ Do your best and leave it to rest!
◦ Blaming circumstances than blaming you.
◦ Go for inner accountability.
◦ Only those who seek will find.
◦ Do not argue: try to convince.
◦ Be better not bitter
◦ Stop taking personally.
◦ Become better and you attract better.
◦ Ultimately think less, think better: Talk less, talk better: Act less, act better!!!
◦ It is ok to be not ok sometimes!

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