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On this occasion of publicly declaring our mental, physical and emotional attachment to each other (which has been traditionally termed as ‘marriage’), we pledge by our free conscience to exercise the human capabilities inherent in us with utmost rationality and to fulfill our roles as agents of progressive transformation of human society to higher social formations with utmost sincerity. We unequivocally renounce all forms of exploitative mechanisms of religion, communalism, casteism, superstition etc. introduced in human relations by persons in positions of power in different periods of human history, and on the contrary are committed to live a conjugal life free of any sexual discrimination and marked by absolute freedom of thought and action of both the partners. We have entered into this special human relationship by our own free volition at a state of our full conscientiousness and pledge to maintain it so long as it fulfils our mutual aspirations and contributes to the realization of our higher selfs. With effect from this day we declare ourselves as man and wife.


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