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The book I was much waiting to go through and finally here I’m concluding the book with a wide smile over my face . 

I was completely astounded reading every part in fact every verse , line and word. I was truly awaken knowing about your incredible journey which was simply just amazing. I was somehow aware of the political instincts but the book offered me a wider approach and learning to what I had known beforehand. There were every kind of topics deemed as like love , marriage , motherhood , civil war , discrimination and rape , imprisonment , nationality , life as first lady , Prachanda and many more. The part ” Rape , Rebellion and Resistance” was the part I read again and again and where I got emotional. Being a subject which isn’t talked much I was lost on it. That was appreciated and I felt women as a warrior on self. 

The book was showing how it is to be a woman in different roles and portrayal with characters like wife to a husband , mother to child , a political leader , first lady. That truly draw my respect towards you and all ladies out here. Isn’t that complex yet you balanced it all well. I saw women as brave and courageous enough. 

I must say your way of writing things is just awestruck. It’s so nice and your word selection is truly a wonder in itself. As a bonus , I even learnt vocabulary and that was impressive. I’ve known you quite a lot but now I feel I lived that whole phase of life. That detailing , expression and catchy writing made me think twice Have I actually been through it all? That lively and precisely it was penned down.

The book is attractive and with photos in between it brought more excitement and made more refreshing. I felt it would be little challenging for people with less expertise in English as of typical Nepali people to understand every word though it  can be thoroughly understood. The quality of the book is A1 and price is affordable to people as well. 

It would be a entire book in itself if I start writing every thing. I’ll shorten it and it would be enough to describe the whole book ” Perfect”. Thank you so much for the book and I’m blessed for being a reader of the finest book ever written in english  by Nepalese author. 

• Sudip Poudel

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