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  •  Hatred seems to be its own punishment.
  • Success is going through failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.
  • Put failure in correct perspective. People do not fail they give up trying.]
  • Having low esteem is worse than failure.
  • Failures should be dealt as delays to our success.
  • Failure is an event not aperson. Being defeated is a temporary condition giving up is what makes it permanent.
  • If mistakes use to be made , better that they be a leftist than rightist. – Mao
  • Socialist weeds are better than capitalists wheat. – Mao
  • I graduated from the university of outlers.     – Mao
  • Stupidity has a certain amount of  charm – ignorance  does not   – Frak Zappa.
  • I am not unhappy about the mistakes . They help me none my insticts.
  • Failure seldom stops you .what stops you is the fear of failure.
  • Error is an essential step in the process of finding the right answer.


The real question: does one take time to think about one’s mistake & rectify it.

  • A car without a reverse gear would be banded in the roads.
  • A man’s errors  are histor portals of discovery.
  • Think systematically about your own mistake.
  • Mistakes will be your life long companion better lear to manage it, avoid it and sometimes discard it. But you have a choice whether to approach your error in terror or make a honest approach to reach to the truth.
  • Never ever break 4 things: Trust  + Promise  + Relations  + Heart. They dont make noise but pains a lot!!!
  • A failure uses up as much of energy in his failing as a successful uses in succeeding.


Dealing with Negative Feelings: emotions

Most of us have much more control on our thinkings feelings than we think.

  • – Define your danger zone: make strategies to cope with them.
  • – Never ever take a person’s dignity. It is worth everything to them & nothing to you.        Manage your weak points.
  • – Few conflicts are equal .   Hatred seems to be its own punishment.
  • – Resist any sign of self pity: be as ruthless as possible with yourself.
  • – Do not magnify your mistakes. Do not show all your problems.
  • – When you have a big project: nibble at edge, roce holes in it.
  • – Like one day at a time : Avoid duel mental pressure.
  • – Tame the childs in you, say no to her when she is  mischierious.
  • Discipline yourself: never punish yourself. Never say/do anything when angry
  • Remember,worry kills more than work.
  • – Think as much as possible in terms of what you can do and as little as possible about how you feel.
  • – Taking control does not mean denying your feelings or sppressing. It means trying to know your feelings: it is ability to notice when you are choosing or allowing yourself to feel the way you went so that you can take control of it later on.
  • – Once you accept misery as a choice then you will look for better choice.
  • – Really reverse pain is a great spar to rapid learning.
  • – Pay attention to your enemies for they are the first one to discover your mistakes.  No one can hurt you without your consent.
  • – Character is what you are in the dark.
  • – The man who has not made mistakes is either a fool or a coward. The only way to stop grumbling in to work and be worthy of notice.


Struggle is Permanent Unity is Always Temporary.

  • – Welcome obstackles as friends, they provide fuel for self motivation.
  • – Waiting time consumes a lot of energy. Lazy people take the most pains.
  • – Depression feeds on inertia, action is its natural enemy.
  • – See one has won even when one has lost because one tried it.
  •  – Sin is seeing nearsightedly.



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