Table Of Contents

Part I The Beginning

  • ‘Why Have an Aim in Life?’ prelude to politicization
  • Black Flag, Dharnas, Toy Pistol Revolt first political steps
  • ‘Why Do You Come Here?’ falling in love
  • Victim of Underdevelopment motherhood and activism
  • People’s Movement against the Panchayat Regime jail tales
  • Bout of Depression in the UK victim of my own study
  • ‘Sorry, We Will Have to Leave This House!’ from ballot to bullet

Part II The People’s War

  • From Free Bird to Fugitive becoming a whole-timer
  • Relationships between Leaders diverse personalities
  •  Centralization of Leadership my first experience of inner party struggle
  •  ‘I Will Fight with a Fuse Attached to My Heart’ shift in inner party struggle
  •  Development of Democracy in the Twenty-First Century a strategic leap
  •  Solidarity, Sabotage and the South Block our relationship with India
  •  ‘Workers of All Countries, Unite!’ international relations
  •  Tears in Phuntiwang pain from one’s own
  •  Red Flag over Rolpa the making of a new world
  •  Liberation or Death? gender issues
  •  Love, Marriage and Children the morality question
  •  Rape, Rebellion and Resistance tempering the steel
  •  ‘Are You a Newar or a Nepali?’ the nationality question
  •  The Oppressed of the Oppressed the Dalit question
  •  A Twenty-First-Century Political Sati emergence of a stronger me
  •  When I Saw the Siberian Birds triumph of republican agenda
  •  Dhai-Futte Sena PLA narratives
  •  Drums, Pen and Rifle the cultural front

Part III A New Beginning

  • Maoists in Kathmandu wooing the middle class
  • How Monarchy Was Abolished Inch-by-Inch birth of a republic
  • Bungee-Jumping My Way to a Republican State being a minister
  • Fall of Prachanda taste of power
  • From Herder to Prime Minister at the helm of state affairs
  • The Cost of Being First Lady losing my identity
  • The Cost of Being a Middle-of-the-Roader electoral defeat
  • Prachanda and BRB two sides of a river
  • My Relationship with Prachanda innocence vs conspiracy
  • My Relationship with BRB complementary and contradictory
  • Manushi, Asmita and Astha bringing up a daughter
  • Army Integration and State Restructuring catch-22
  • Some Reflections will the oppressed rise?